Dai Fratelli:
Where tradition meets passion.

Not just a restaurant, but the best Italian experience in Vienna — for generations.

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Culinary journey of discovery.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Italian cuisine. Dai Fratelli is celebrating the palate revolution with a bold twist on classic dishes. Here, limits are tested, traditions are reinterpreted and every meal becomes an act of passion. Take the first step into a world where taste and innovation meet.

More than just a restaurant.

Dai Fratelli not only stands for excellent Italian cuisine — we are a manifesto of liveliness, a stage of encounter between Viennese charm and Italian passion. You won't find still water here; life is bubbling here, creativity boils here. Immerse yourself in our story, feel the pulse of our team and become part of our continuous evolution.

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A feast for the senses

Discover the variety of Italian cuisine, presented in a new way with Viennese elegance.

Culinary journey

Experience our passion for Italian gastronomy up close.

Celebrate big with us!

Experience culinary excellence where tradition meets modernity.

Loved by guests:

“A highlight every time”

Whether for a romantic dinner or a cozy meal with the family, the Dai Fratelli is our go-to place. It feels special every time, and the meal is always a dream.

Laura B.
Zurich, CH

“Has won my heart”

I've been to many Italian restaurants, but there's something special about Dai Fratelli. It feels like you've found a small piece of Italy in Vienna.

Marco V
Naples, IT

“Belly smile”

It's not just the food that makes you smile. The warm, cordial way we were received made the evening perfect. It was like coming home.

Emily R.
London, UK

“A hug through taste”

Every dish at Dai Fratelli is like a hug. So much love and care in every bite — it is simply incomparable.

Antoine D.
Marseilles, FR

“Reunion is fun”

From the moment we arrived to our heartfelt farewell, every moment at Dai Fratelli felt special. I'm already counting down the days until my next visit.

Julia K.
Vienna, AT

“A culinary letter from Italy”

The meal at Dai Fratelli is like a lovingly written letter from Italy. Every bite tells a story that you can taste and feel.

Liam F.
Dublin, IE


I remember my visit to Dai Fratelli like that. The food, the people, the atmosphere — everything was just perfect. I'm still dreaming about that tiramisu!

Mia S.
Stockholm, SE

“Warm and authentic”

What a wonderful place! Dai Fratelli combines excellent food with a warm, authentic atmosphere. You immediately feel part of the family.

Niklas J.
Copenhagen, DK